This is Merging! TIM1.10 Information and Free Download!

“This is Merging”, “TIM” from now on, is a tool created by José Castro, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer in his own free time. This means no guarantees are given, no support is explicitly provided and the continuity of the tool is not certain. Use at your own risk. That being said, I am very excited to put this utility out there for all of you :)

To download it, just click the button below

Current version TIM1.10

For reporting bugs or requests please do so by sending an email to

Warning: when importing the objects skip the codeunit 1.
Skipping this object will not affect its behaviour in any way.

Some of the features you will find available in this tool are as follows!

Automatic merging for most (if not all!) differences in upgrades or merging projects!


If the coding in the application is correct, you should have an incredible percentatge of automatic merging!

Keep all of your projects in one place!


Let the tool do the merging, you focus on the conflicts!


Choose your favorite method and application to solve the conflicts!


Personally I love the quadra-view  :) (from left to right, original, modified, target and resulting file)


In the TIM package you can download from the button below you will find the necessary documentation to install TIM and instructions on how to use it.

Any comment or idea to improve the utility, you can direct to or just leave a comment in this page with a way to contact you back :)

You are completely free to download, install, modify or adapt the application in any way you desire. Just keep the source of the utility clear (this website) and its author (myself).

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